About Dr. Austan



Dr. Austan:

Dr. Austan is a graduate of Grand Island Northwest, Wayne State College and Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was inspired to pursue chiropractic as a profession every day growing up seeing how far reaching it was in his, and his family’s lives. From his son’s first adjustment at just minutes old, to his grandparents’ at 90 plus years. As long as someone has a spine and a nervous system, chiropractic works! Along with a full-class load at Palmer, Dr. Austan wanted more and spent 300+ hours specializing in the Gonstead technique of analysis and specific hands on chiropractic adjusting.





Dr. Austan is an accomplished athlete. Most notably, he earned multiple All-NSIC honors and a DII All-American bid as a safety at Wayne State College. He ended his career at Wayne State in the top 10 in career tackles with 317. After football, Dr. Austan knew he wanted to stay involved in athletics and chiropractic is his way to do that. He attributed his ability to stay on the field (having never missed a start in his 4 years at WSC with 48 consecutive starts) and in the game, in large, to the benefits of chiropractic. Now he has the ability to help other athletes!



Family is very important to Dr. Austan. He was raised in a very close knit family here in Grand Island, and a family that was very healthcare oriented. His mother, Pam, was a respiratory therapist in Lincoln and Grand Island while his father, Dr. Po, has been a practicing chiropractor for 30+ years and still cookin’. He has an older brother that is in his second year of Urology Residency at Creighton Medical School and his sister is a practicing massage therapist in Phoenix, Arizona. He now has one very busy boy of his own, Traestan Reid. Aside from the family life, Dr. Austan is still very active and loves competition whether it is in the weight room, on the golf course, or a game of tic-tac-toe.